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Local seo for small businesses

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More than 80% of people research a company online before they conduct any business with them. The reason is that customers need to feel trust and familiarity with a brand before purchasing from them. Now when we say people research a company online, the main method they use to do that is to Google the service or product they need. If your brand is not ranking on the first page of Google for keywords (Google searches) customers are searching that are relevant to your business, then your potential customers are seeing your competitors’ websites instead! You’ll want to utilize affordable local SEO services to rank high on Google’s search result pages to be above your competitors. This ensures that you get a higher flow of qualified traffic to your site. For that purpose, SEO will work drastically. When your website appears in the top results for Google searches that are relevant to your business, you’re going to see an organic increase in brand awareness, website traffic, and ultimately in-store traffic too.

What’s so important about affordable local SEO services is that your strategy is optimized not just for SEO but for local SEO. A local store requires a different strategy than an online store, so you want your SEO strategy to reflect that too. A local SEO strategy can point traffic not just to your website but also to your address and brick and mortar store, sending more direct foot traffic to your store!

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  • We Understand Local SEO
  • SEO is one thing and local SEO is another! Your business is local and unique and requires an equally unique strategy that fits your business. Being a top local SEO company we have the experience and knowledge to execute that for you.

  • Affordable Does Mean All-Inclusive
  • Our services are both affordable and all-inclusive, not one or the other! Our local small business SEO experts care about the success of your campaign, so we will see it through to the end.

  • We Have Great Results
  • We have a track record of positive results from doing SEO for our clients for ourselves as you saw earlier! The same SEO tactics and methods that have worked for us and our clients will work for you too.

  • Expert Specialists
  • Digital marketing is a large umbrella term that encompasses a lot of specific services, one of which being SEO. This is why we employ more than just “digital marketing specialists.” We have a large team of different types of specialists that are all experts within their field. If you sign up for our affordable local SEO services, you’re going to receive an expert in local SEO to work on your campaign!

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