Terms & Conditions

Please read the contents of this page carefully as it contains important information and disclaimers.

“We” denote PlanYourWeb and/or https://planyourweb.com, wherever applicable in this document.

The "project" denotes any services viz. SEO, SMO, Lead generation etc. and / or design & development of any website, web based application, windows application, mobile apps, social media apps, websites includes but not limited to any sort of source code developed / designed by us for the use of the customer, wherever applicable in this document.

• We promise to provide best of services as much as, as long as possible including to help, grow, train it’s customers and/or their users technically.

• We reserve the rights to change design and/or feature of the “project” due to technical reasons including but not limited to on retire / end of support of any development tool, programming language etc.

• We would try our best to complete assigned “project” within agreed deadline and time duration, however minor delays may be expected in case of act of God, uncertainty of availability of concerned designers / developers / programmers, technical problems and including other acts beyond the reasonable control.

• We will not be responsible for any opportunity loss, data loss, financial loss, if any, occurred due to –

  • o Software failure
  • o For any technical glitches
  • o Server / Hardware failure
  • o Virus attack, Any sort of Hardware, Network, Infrastructure failure

• No part of the “project” can be distributed, copied, installed anywhere else or any other machine, if found so, it would attract a legal action against all such cases to maximum extent.

• We operate on the policy of ongoing improvement / evolution. We reserve the rights to make changes, improvements, decommissioning to any of the features in any of its “project” with or without prior notice.

• Under no circumstances shall “PlanYourWeb and/or https://planyourweb.com” be responsible for any loss of data, opportunity, financial & income or any special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages howsoever caused.

• Please remember to take backup copies or keep written records of all very important content & data stored in or by the Software / Programs / Websites / Apps etc., because content & data may be lost or corrupted during it’s working / Operating System Failure / Virus attacks / System Crash / Hard disk Crash.

• We would not be responsible if any part of any “project” (e.g. Software / Programs / Websites / Apps etc.) and / or it’s source code has been opened, modified, manipulated, tempered, hacked by anyone, by any means & then it’s run caused any damages / loss etc.

• The source code of the “project” (e.g. Software / Programs / Websites / Apps etc.) is and will remain Intellectual Property of the Firm.

• No claims would be entertained with respect to source code of any Software / Programs / Websites / Apps etc.

• We reserve the rights to decommission or disable any feature of the Software / Programs / Websites / Apps etc. in part or in full.

• In case of failure or defaulting in payments by the customer against the work done of any “project”, renewal of the licenses, renewal of the domain name, renewal of the web space etc. anytime, with or without notice, after the due date.

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