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Accessibility web development to make disable person life smooth

Internet accessibility is critical to a fully open society. According to a survey, over 20 million people are blind or visually impaired. The capability to use the Internet is essential for finding work, maintaining your finances, shopping, making travel plans, and more. But many administrations unwittingly throw up roadblocks to access by building inaccessible websites.

There are a variety of methods that people use to access the web. Tools used by individuals with disabilities are called assistive technologies. To ensure an equally excellent experience for all users, we’ll help you build or update your website to work with a variety of assistive technologies.

Planyouweb.com is committed to the highest levels of accessibility on our websites. With the motto of making the Internet, consumer products, websites, mobile devices and digital resources available to all persons, especially those with disabilities, the Accessibility Services team has become an established leader in the field. We at plan your web delivers comprehensive accessibility solutions to organizations of all types and all industries. Be a leader in your industry sector by showing consumers that your brand cares.

What technologies we will have within our accessibility website?

Being a leading web accessibility company, we provide require and needed services that are necessary for disability peoples such as:

Screen Readers

With our blind accessible websites users with low vision or blindness use screen readers that run on their computers or mobile devices. We’ll ensure that users can navigate and access the content of your website so they can interact and transact with your organization.

Closed Captioning & Transcripts

While making websites accessible for the blind and deaf, we need to use multiple tools. Multimedia is the CenterPoint of many modern websites. Ensure that users that are deaf or hard of hearing can enjoy videos or audio by providing closed captioning or transcripts for all media files on your website.

Keyboard Navigation

Websites should only require two buttons to be usable, the tab key to advance, and the enter key to click. Assistive technologies mimic the keyboard to provide unique interfaces like large buttons or sip-and-puff to address a variety of disabilities.

Zoom Text

Last but not least service provided by the accessibility web development team. Low vision is a very common visual disability, especially among the elderly population. Many users of your website may not be able to read small text or images and use built-in browser tools or specific software to increase the size of the content on the page.

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